The Possible issue 03: human after all

May 2018

Words by Tom Smith

If work is a thing we do rather than a place we go, why do we still spend so much time at the office?

In a world where computers and their algorithmic minds can far outstrip us in crunching data, humans are valued more than ever for our idiosyncrasies, our creativity and the connections we make. And the magic really happens when we’re together.

So today’s offices have to be better: not just a functional backdrop, they must actively draw us in, and out of ourselves, nurture our wellbeing, inspire us, help us to flourish in environments that are ever more saturated with technology.

That technology doesn’t need to overwhelm us if we apply it intelligently and sensitively. Data is what we make of it. The funny thing is, the more we use our robot assistants, the more we can refocus on what makes us human.

Tom Smith is global director, property & buildings, at WSP

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