Is Smarter Safer?

Every single element you add to the chain of a network or smart city brings a capability and an opportunity, but also a vulnerability.

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Peak Megacity

Crowded conditions, inflated property prices, public health disasters, low fertility rates — Joel Kotkin asks whether it’s time we gave up on super-sized cities.

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The Possible Issue 4 - front cover and content page

In this issue: making cities resilient to terrorist attacks, climate change adaptation, the future of airports and the lost art of drawing makes a comeback. We solve the hotel laundry challenge, and our contributors discuss the endless applications of blockchain, how Big Data can help – or hinder – social inequality, and the value of absurdity in the workplace.


In this issue: the pursuit of wellness, the future of workplace, digital modelling and developments around transport hubs. Swedish Green Party politician Johan Edstav explains why he’s building new cities on empty fields, and our contributors design solutions to loneliness, envision the all-electric city and discuss why the search for genius can leave organizations poorer for talent.


In this issue: the limits on city density, the future of education, next-generation construction materials and totally recyclable buildings. Kingdom Tower architect Gordon Gill talks about his responsibilities and regrets, and our columnists take on drones in Africa, Asian megacities and earthquakes, post-antibiotic hospital design and why engineers should read more philosophy.

Issue 01

In this issue: designing cities for an ageing demographic, modular construction, creativity at work and the future of real-world shopping districts in an online world. Bioengineering inventor Professor Heinz Wolff rethinks society, and contributors puncture driverless myths, predict the death of the megacity and lose themselves in the urban wild.